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"Each of our 39 schools effectively delivers our brand promise of being a Christ-centered community for the formation of the whole person—mind, heart, body and soul. They do so in a distinctive way, utilizing their unique culture, traditions, and celebrations."

--Richard Thompson              Superintendent of Schools  Archdiocese of Denver


We give thanks to God for the time, talent, and treasure of our Web Designer and alumnus Jeremy Gerk.

Tuesday, Feb. 2: Northern Archdiocesan Schools 4th-Grade Mass at St. Mary's Catholic School in Greeley

Wednesday, Feb. 3: Pastries with Parents at 7:00 am

Thursday Feb. 4: Teacher Switch Day; Book Swap; (AM) and Skate Night at the Rock 'N' Roll Er Rink from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Friday Feb. 5: Teacher In-Service

"To cultivate only the intellect,  abandoning all the other human faculties, is to deform man."

-St. John Bosco


Inspiring wonder and awe by discovering Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.


Saint Anthony Catholic School is a community of teachers and parents united by the common vision of inspiring the love of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Guided by the richness of Catholic culture and respect for the dignity of the human person, we seek to cultivate in our students a love of God, others, and self. In order that they may become people of impeccable character and exemplars of academic excellence, we foster in our students a spirit of service by teaching them to put on Christ.


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Uniform Dress Code

The School Advisory Council reviewed the dress code and we have made only one modification for the 2014-2015 school year. Students may wear a red shirt without a logo on Mondays through Thursdays. For Fridays, students must still wear the red or white collared shirt with the logo. The policy may be accessed HERE.

It was our aim that the dress code reflects who we are as a Catholic school yet maintains our identity in our setting. (Please see BLOG link at left.) We also wanted a code that was versatile for families.


Classical Education and the 21st Century

"Classical Catholic schools have made a conscious choice, not to turn back to the past, but to draw upon the riches of tradition to help children understand who they are in the modern world. The response of students, parents, and teachers reveals the fruit of these efforts."

from "A Case for Classical Education" by Andrew Seeley and Elisabeth Ryan Sullivan

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St. Anthony Catholic School:

Cure for the Common Core

For those concerned with Common Core you need look no further...

"Common Core is voluntary, but many Catholic educators have eagerly embraced it, while others such as Richard Thompson, superintendent of Catholic schools for the Denver Archdiocese, don’t plan to do so.

“We can always learn from the hard work of others,” said Thompson, referring to those who developed the Common Core standards. But Thompson said he saw no need to install Common Core because the Denver Archdiocese’s schools already are “exceeding most of [Common Core standards]. We’re already there and more.

"...The Denver Archdiocese’s Thompson, however, sees no need to implement the Common Core.

"We see it as something to look at, something perhaps to borrow from, but not something to jump into,” he said. “We looked at it and said, ‘There are a couple of good things.’ But we have rigorous academic standards infused with Catholic identity. There are parts of the Common Core we might harvest, but I can say it’s very minimal. Our agenda is the formation of the whole child, and there’s nothing in Common Core that is going to get you to heaven.”

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Meet Our New Teachers!

Please take a moment to learn about our new St. Anthony family MEMBERS: Mrs. Stacey A. Zink, kindergarten; Miss Luanne Baumann, 3rd grade; Mrs. Monica Breier, JH Math/Science; Mrs. Dana Smith, JH Engish/History; and Miss Emily Diener, Music.



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